What are some remedies to remove stress?

Answer some remedies is to relax and take in and out deep breaths let be around no one and listen to music also a good way to be happy and not stressed is to sing a song singing makes you happy i was told... Read More »

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Natural remedies and solutions for stress...?

Please ignore the recommendation for kava kava as it has been ruled unsafe. I use rescue remedy and kalms tablets for a quick fix. I suffer from killer pms and find that intensive exercise such as ... Read More »

Natural and Herbal Remedies for Stress in Place of Prozac?

Antidepressant drugs have generated more than $20 billion in sales, according to Ray Moynihan and Alan Cassels, authors of "Selling Sickness." Prozac belongs to the antidepressant drug group known ... Read More »

What Are Some Things You Do To Relive Stress?

sometimes i try to take a nap or just lie down and rest. i try not to focus on things that might make me wig out. just go somewhere quiet and try to relax. hey some people have a drink or two. try ... Read More »

What are some good stress relief technique?

Many of my clients come to me with stress issues. I highly recommend this Mastery over Stress mp3 at this website to many of my clients: http://stress.lightunlimitedpublishing.c… Just download it... Read More »