What are some remedies for folliculitis?

Answer Folliculitis is an infection at the hair follicle, frequently involving Staphylococcus aureus or some other bacteria. Folliculitis looks like small, white-headed pimples. The condition may involve ... Read More »

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What are some remedies for snoring?

Snoring can be detrimental in multiple ways. Snoring may reduce the amount of time you are able to sleep and the quality of the sleep you get, leading to fatigue and other symptoms related to lack ... Read More »

What are some of the best remedies for a hangover?

lol..25th-ish...ha...well...someone once told me that the magic dragon cures nausea from i would puff some of that... but if thats not your style then i used to do something that i wo... Read More »

What are some home remedies for a toothache?

Home Remedies for Toothache What causes a toothache? There could be several factors at play where the pain of the tooth itself is merely a manifestation of some other underlying issue. You don't ap... Read More »

What are some home remedies for ear infections?

pee in the ear, grand ma did that to me when i was 7. 30 years latter not 1 infection