What are some religious arguments against adoption by same-sex couples?

Answer Many religious people believe God designed the family as including a man and a woman for various reasons. The chief among these is the furtherance of the human race in a safe, structured environmen... Read More »

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Are there any arguments on for and against on adoption?

i think that the arguments on for are: less people in different adoption homes and so everyone has a chance to have a child. i think the aregument for against are: that it isn't fair for the chi... Read More »

Do your religious beliefs influence your views or feelings about adoption.?

That is a very interesting question.I was raised Christian, and heard the whole, "adoption is better than..." line. I think my views on a lot of things were shaped by my 16 years as a Christian.Th... Read More »

Which state prohibits joint adoption by same-sex couples?

Currently, Florida is the only state that specifically prohibits same-sex adoption, whether by gay and lesbian individuals or couples whereas Mississippi permits individual adoption but does not al... Read More »

When will people understand adoption is not about poor infertile couples its about the children?

On the bright side, not ALL people think that way. Please, remember there are some truly beautiful and ethical adoptive situations. Thank goodness that there are people who are speaking out to help... Read More »