What are some religious arguments against adoption by same-sex couples?

Answer Many religious people believe God designed the family as including a man and a woman for various reasons. The chief among these is the furtherance of the human race in a safe, structured environmen... Read More »

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Are there any arguments on for and against on adoption?

i think that the arguments on for are: less people in different adoption homes and so everyone has a chance to have a child. i think the aregument for against are: that it isn't fair for the chi... Read More »

What are some of the best arguments you've heard against veganism?

I haven't heard many "good" ones, haha. But some I've heard, regardless, are:* Need the nutrients from meat/dairy/eggs.* Meat tastes good.* Vegetarianism/veganism is too hard.* Vegetarian/vegan die... Read More »

Which state prohibits joint adoption by same-sex couples?

Currently, Florida is the only state that specifically prohibits same-sex adoption, whether by gay and lesbian individuals or couples whereas Mississippi permits individual adoption but does not al... Read More »

What are some advantages of same-sex couples adopting?

You will end up in a family that have waited a very long time to see you and you will be very loved and have super dedicated parents. Research have also shown that children living in same-sex famil... Read More »