What are some reasons why you shouldn't adopt?

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What are 3 reasons you shouldnt get drunk and drive?

you get overconfident while your response time is getting greater

What are the Top 10 reasons cell phones shouldnt be allowed in school?

They distract the student from learning.They can be used to find answers during a test.They can distract other students by ringing or vibrating.They can spread rumors.They are expensive, and can be... Read More »

Top Ten Reasons to Adopt a Rescue Dog?

Many people have a preconceived notion that the dogs that end up in shelters and with rescue organizations are undesirable. No one would get rid of a dog if it were loving and affectionate, right? ... Read More »

What are some reasons Americas adopt children from another country?

Because the need of being adopted is bigger in some countries where people are really poor and the orphanages are really bad. In the USA a child can get treatment and the right upbringing if they h... Read More »