What are some reasons to have a student lounge?

Answer gold spoon, bent spoon, dumb coon, academic costume broom etc.

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Should your school have a student lounge?

Yes, students often get strested and lose focuse on their work or teachers. With a lounge kids can study or get away from school and work, or work there without noisy kids or sounds.

How do you get to student lounge on Carnegie cadets?

Go into the West Dorm Wing and next to Alexi's Room and there is the Sign on the RIGHT side of Alexi's Room is the Cadet Lounge.

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What paint colors would compliment the furniture in this student lounge room, and be conducive for relaxing?

You know I prefer lighter to medium shades of blue for the walls ;-)) Very soothing even for long durations.However, since gray is the predominant 'motif', I would go with lighter shades of yellow ... Read More »