What are some reasons parents have a hard time nurturing themselves?

Answer They have speech problems They walk in a certain way

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Reasons Why Parents Are Against School Uniforms?

President Bill Clinton raised the idea of introducing uniforms into public schools as a measure for improving safety, discipline and the general learning environment, and during his presidency he i... Read More »

What are some reasons adopted children should not know there biological parents?

..every minute..2-3 child in the world was born..if a single parent can adopt even a single child..we can lessen the poverty rate and abandoned child...

Reasons Parents Don't Participate in School Activities?

Many studies over the years have shown that when parents are involved in their children's schools, their students tend to be more successful in the classroom. Additionally, schools that enjoy a lot... Read More »

Three reasons why parents need guidance in dealing with teenage children?

because parents do not like to listen to childrens feelings they always want it their way and sometimes it is good to try it the child's way by listening to what they have to say