What are some reasons little kids go to mental hospitals?

Answer when you act like that evil little girl from the movie orphan then they deffinatly need to go to an insane asylam.

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How do you get medical records for Charter Mental Health Hospitals?

AnswerIf they aren't YOUR records, you probably can't without something like a court order.Well, allow me to explain further. We all know that. Charter was dissolved in bankrupt court. Many people ... Read More »

Mental abuse CIA does on kids?

Certainly, but it's no more likely than any other job. Most CIA employees drive desks and crunch data.

Reasons Why Kids Should Go to College?

While in high school, one of the issues guidance counselors stress is going to college. Some kids go to college directly out of high school, while others take a few college classes while enrolled i... Read More »

Reasons to put kids up for adoption?

Because you love them but dont have the money to support you.