What are some reasons for getting a facebook?

Answer 1)It's a good way to stay connected with family/friends, it's gotten to be alot more convienent than e-mail. My mom and brother/sisters are on Facebook and now that I'm out of the house it's a gre... Read More »

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- Takes too much time which is generally a waste.- Friend lists are filled with people who are NOT actual friends- It damages the real life socialization- People whom you'd rather not talk to finds... Read More »

Fun question-what are 10 reasons to drop facebook?

1.Because you can't add music to your profile2.Because when you add a good post, no-one comments or like it3.When you share a post or pic with a friend, f.b. will tell all your other Facebook frien... Read More »

FACEBOOK USERS! Can You Give Me Three Reasons...?

It is a little more basic. But both have good/bad.Myspace:- profile designs. You can make it more about yourself and who you are (music, layout etc.)- It is cleaner, the set-up is more organized th... Read More »

Has anyone deleted their Facebook account, if so what were the reasons?

it cost too much,and it's not compatible underwater