What are some really great photography cameras?

Answer I have two Nikon cameras that I use a great deal and really like. Cannon is also a pretty good camera. I take travel photos and do landscapes and my Nikons have been very good.

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What kind of cameras does photographers use and where can i look for professional photography cameras?

There's a couple of great tips here on becomming a good photographer without spending a fortune, but if you simply want to gawk at what the pros use:Canon 1DS Mk2: Read More »

Your husband is selling digital cameras for a living Some of his buyers are photographers who also do nude photography Is is permissable for him to sell cameras to such people knowing what they will?

Well, heres a thought....just to get the naked girls out of your head you perv! Chances are.. he works on commission. And chances are.... that commission makes a HUGE difference in his pay check. S... Read More »

1920s Photography and Cameras?

The 1920s marked an influential period in the history of photographs and cameras. SLR, or single lens reflex technology became more prevalent during the decade. Photographers of the epoch demonstra... Read More »

In photography what does R stand for SLR cameras?