What are some qualifications for being a veterinarian assistant?

Answer Higher education may not be a prerequisite for becoming a veterinary assistant, but certain qualifications are necessary if a person wants to perform this demanding job at a high level.Identificati... Read More »

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What are some qualifications to be a marine sniper?

To be in 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta you must be asked by an officer in Delta. To be asked, you truly have to be the best of the best, from the best of the best (meaning that ev... Read More »

What are some good books and websites that can help one go from being a "tech-dinosaur" to being "tech-savvy"?

(~Specifics at the bottom~)In agreement with some of the previous answers. Books go out of date very quickly - So I wouldn't spend time and money for YOUR particular purpose. Web sites tend to be f... Read More »

What are some signs of being pregnant?

Answer Feeling Nauseouscramps that feel like premenstal crampsa bloated feelingfeeling emotional (if you are pregnant you are going through hormonal changes which may effect your emotions)

What are some disadvantages of being in the air force?

Same as any other branch. Deployments, being stationed overseas (if you get home sick). Pay isn't that great. Moving around a lot. etc....