What are some products similar to Skype and MagicJack?

Answer Any product like that requires a broadband internet connection. You can try Vonage or other VOIP providers to see if you can get a domestic Venezuelan number.

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How to Use MagicJack & Skype?

The affordability of high-speed Internet has caused technology like voice-over Internet protocol (VoIP) to be more accessible in consumer households. MagicJack and Skype are two applications that a... Read More »

Similar Products to KQC's Flat Iron?

KQC flat irons are sought after in beauty salons all over the world for their hair straightening technology that is kinder to hair than cheap or old-fashioned straightening methods. KQC flat irons ... Read More »

Why should you not use any other (similar) products with prescribed medicines?

Hmm, well let's think. Any bad side effects for spot medications? Yes, they dry out and sometimes irritate your skin. You are asking what will happen if you use both? MORE irritated, dry skin. Not ... Read More »

Products Similar to Green Tea Moisturizer?

With variants available from skincare brands like ProActiv and ULTA, green tea moisturizers use natural ingredients to avoid clogging pores and causing additional pimples for those with acne-prone ... Read More »