What are some problems with android phones?

Answer It is alerts for your phone. All you have to do is tap and drag down with your finger, mine has mostly been weather alerts but i'm sure there are others too.

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I think samsung galaxy phones are some of the best Android phones agree or disagree?

Agree, I am using Samsung Galaxy Y :) I m loving it :)

What is the differences with android phones and regular phones?

because its better than blackberry, better than wm, better than symbian, ... its perfect as iPhone is :-)

What are some good current and upcoming android phones?

HTC One is great. Very high build quality and you get that premium feel and look which you don't get from Galaxy S4 which is all plastic and ugly. It is made from aluminum and is uni-body designed ... Read More »

What are some good android powered phones that don't have a qwerty keyboard and aren't absolutely massive?