What are some problem headphones cause?

Answer If you get real Bose headphones, yes they do have noise cancellation. It's pretty great. They do have knock off Bose headphones called Brose but they don't work as well as Bose.

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What is the problem of his ear if the person always use headphones and earbuds?

SonySony....REALLY??? Is that the best you could do??? There are numerous earbuds but you need to ask youself what you are willing to spend. You can get them upwards of $400 but you can also get de... Read More »

Skull Candy headphones problem?

Yeah that happened to my ipod headphones, they are breakingthe wires are pulled are ****, sometimes if i figit around with them they work normal but, they are pretty much useless

I have skype but no web cam so i only make calls and i use headphones with a mic. i have a problem?

You could use a Y connector and speakers with a amp...

Problem with headphones of Sony walkman nwd-b103F?