What are some possible complications of fracture repair?

Answer excessive bleeding, improper fit of joined bone ends, pressure on nearby nerves, delayed healing, and a permanent incomplete healing of the fracture

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What are some possible complications throughout pregnancy?

The reason we go to doctors throughout pregnancy is to prevent these complications.The reason they get the big bucks is because there are so many possibilities, and the doctors not only provide ans... Read More »

What are possible complications of laryngectomy?

Laryngectomees must learn new ways of speaking. They must be continually concerned about the care of their stoma. Serious infections can occur if water or other foreign material enters the lungs

What are the possible complications and side effects?

Pain in the first 1-2 days, sensitivity to light for several days, haze causing blurring (some describe it as making the vision a bit milky) for up to a few weeks, which may require drops. The temp... Read More »

What are the possible complications or side effects?

Possible side effects of the laser include mild skin lightening or darkening, infection, herpetic outbreaks, and scarring. Dr. Weiss has not seen any scarring within his practice. The laser is a to... Read More »