What are some possible causes of a miscarriage?

Answer Yes it seems like it. I Googled "pregnancy after essure procedure" and there were quite many answers. You can do it too and read them yourself.

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After possible miscarriage at 5 weeks what to do?

Gosh I'm sorry to read this. Well, you really need to see the doctor tomorrow and get some answers. Did you call the doctor this weekend? I really hope you did. The doctor will examine you and also... Read More »

Can some acne medications cause a miscarriage?

Dealing with acne during pregnancy can be a challenge, since some of the most popular treatments can put your baby at risk. Although several acne treatments can lead to birth defects, Accutane is t... Read More »

Possible causes and what coild it be?

Before you went on the net and looked up symptoms, did you have these problems? Your Dr said your blood work was good, no problems then you went and looked it up. I'm am in no way suggesting you ... Read More »

What are the possible causes of seizures in dogs?

Witnessing your dog having a seizure can be a very distressing experience. It can also be a confusing one. You will inevitably wonder what brought on the seizure in your dog. While a range of poss... Read More »