What are some popular sex anime shows?

Answer No, smallville finished on season 10. There have been several superman movies though.

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What are some popular ice cream flavors in the UK?

I live in the uk so I'll tell you that the most common / tastiest ice cream flavours are-Vanilla-Chocolate-Strawberry-Raspberry Ripple-Mint & Chocolate Or If You Want To Go All Out Try Making Neopo... Read More »

What are some popular TV game shows?

The Price Is Right, You Bet Your Life, Match Game, The Dating Game, Family Feud, Truth Or Consequences, Defination, The Mad Dash, Bumper Stumpers, & I Saw That ! Never Mind The Buzzcocks, Family F... Read More »

What are some desserts that are popular in newzeland?

Pavlovas were invented in New Zealand and is one of their favouritesH-man

What are some of the the most popular songs right now ?

Battle - Step By Step! it korean but the dance move r sooooooo kool at 1.56 - 2.04 xP