What are some plants that you can grow from clippings?

Answer Easily grown plants from cuttings would include English ivy, goldfish plants, wandering jew, pothos, crown of thorns, swedish ivy, prayer plant, brugmansia.Most anything viney is really easy to gro... Read More »

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How to grow plants from clippings?

I could give you a lot of details about how to do it but the site below has great descriptions and excellent photos that will be very helpful . Enjoy making new plants. Read More »

How to Grow House Plants From Clippings?

Houseplants can be easily propagated by taking a cutting from a healthy plant that you enjoy. Some plants will require a root cutting, some will require a stem cutting, and others will require onl... Read More »

What are some plants that grow flowers?

Be more specific, that's a long list, but I'll start it and others may add to it:rosestulipsbutterfly bushpetuniasdaisies azaleasvioletsrhododendronSweet Williams dogwood treesVinca vinehoneysuckle

What are the names of some plants that grow in the dark?

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