What are some other possible pregnancy symptoms after stopping the pill other than a missed period?

Answer Answer Pregnancy symptoms apart from a missed period are:TirednessExcessive UrinationBlood like discharge or spottingTummy crampsVaginal dischargeHeadachesFeeling of being unwellTender or swollen b... Read More »

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What condition could cause you to have pregnancy feelings of life growing inside with no pain just flutters and sensations with other pregnancy signs but negative tests?

Answer I find that happens to me when I am gasy, but really wanting to be pregnant. Answer I found something on google when I put movement in upper abdomen it was called gastro...something it has a... Read More »

Is early pregnancy bad and what are some signs of it?

What are some of the earliest signs of pregnancy?

AnswerBefore i found out i was pregnant i had VERY sore breasts, and extremely tired. A week later i found out i was pregnant. hope that helps.√ā¬†Answerright now, i have a feeling that i am pregnant... Read More »

What Are Some Signs of Chihuahua Pregnancy?

A Chihuahua, like all mammals, may become pregnant the first time she mates; a normal pregnancy lasts about 63 days. Because Chihuahuas are so small, they often give birth at a veterinarian's offi... Read More »