What are some of your exciting food discoveries in veg*anism?

Answer I have to say the most exciting discovery would have to be the fact I didnt know food could be exciting period. Before becoming a vegan the only reason I had to eat food was to fill my stomache. Th... Read More »

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What are some fun and exciting things you can do with your brother?

Here is an ACTUAL answer to your question: You could hit the beach, go to the movies if you can afford it, but if you don't have any money, you could prank call some people with him, be movie criti... Read More »

What Were Some of the Discoveries of the Aztecs?

The people of Central Mexico and American City states during the period 12th to 15th centuries were known as the Aztecs. The Aztec Empire was founded by people who were once nomads called the Mexic... Read More »

What are some of the best arguments you've heard against veganism?

I haven't heard many "good" ones, haha. But some I've heard, regardless, are:* Need the nutrients from meat/dairy/eggs.* Meat tastes good.* Vegetarianism/veganism is too hard.* Vegetarian/vegan die... Read More »

What are some fun and exciting restaurants in NYC?

Yelp has information plus the opinions of customers on exciting fun restaurants in and around the Times Square Community in New York City,NY at…