What are some of the serious side effects from dextran infusions?

Answer Dextran infusions are a type of intravenous solution containing iron and carbohydrates used to treat severe iron-deficiency anemia. Despite its effectiveness in the treatment of patients who cannot... Read More »

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What do serious side effects mean with effexor?

Effexor is part of the selective serotonin norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor (SSNRI) class of antidepressants. It is primarily used to treat generalized anxiety disorder and major depressive disord... Read More »

What are Some Possible Side Effects?

All surgery has some possible side effects. Scarring. A tummy tuck can cause a long scar across the abdomen and a small scar around the belly button. The scars fade over time. A firmer and trimmer ... Read More »

what are some side effects to prozac?

Not Medical Advice: Some side effects of Prozac are insomnia, restlessness, nausea and tension headaches.

What are some complications or side effects?

Most patients have some blood in the urine for a few days. The shattered stone fragments may cause discomfort as they pass through the urinary tract. Sometimes, the stone is not completely shattere... Read More »