What are some of the most important examples of AltMed causing harm?

Answer "A HOMEOPATH has been sentenced to at least six years in jail and his wife will serve at least four years for the manslaughter of their eczema-stricken daughter.""The tertiary-educated couple were ... Read More »

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What are Some of the uncomfortable truths that BIG AltMed doesn't want you to know?

EDIT: I've deleted my answer to make more room so I can critique “Kiwi is my bird-o” answer. I'm well aware that making people defencive often makes them stop listening so I'm simply going to p... Read More »

How can you prove a mother is causing harm to her unborn child?

Answer You didn't explain what this young mother-to-be was doing to harm her baby. Smoking, drugs, alcohol, trying to get rid of the baby. There isn't much you can do as she's the mother and has... Read More »

Is Switzerland’s strong economy causing it more harm than good?

Your assessment regarding the increased valuation of the CHF is correct, but the Swiss Central Bank has taken action to deal with this:…This will not be a ... Read More »

What are some examples of shrubs?

Shrubs are plants that are smaller then trees, and bigger than herbs. So things like hibiscus, gorse, lantana and hundreds of others are shrubs.