What are some of the foods that are bad for you while pregnant?

Answer I would say that anything with high cholesterol, sodium, and grease are bad for you. Try to stay away from fast food (subway might be ok). The healthier you eat, the healthier the baby will be!

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What are the best foods for a pregnant chick?

Whatever she wants. Trust me on this. You can have all the good healthy things that are recommended by every doctor, but goshdangit, if she wants froot loops, she's not gonna care that granola is h... Read More »

Craving salty foods when pregnant?

You're going to be all over the place until the birth, make the most of it. One minute its strawberry ice cream, the next its gherkins. You'll go off random stuff as well. I went off coffee and curry.

Is it normal to have an altered sense of taste while pregnant i don't mean cravings, just foods tasting off?

oh yeah...meat was, my life's blood was FOUL...and lord help me if I drank orange juice, it tasted sour like rotten sour every time i drank it.....but thankfully it doesn't last aft... Read More »

I'm craving for fried foods like calimari and missed period Not pregnant what' wrong with me?

Just take the test again. After 5 days may not be valid. Will worrying help, no. just take it.