What are some of the foods that are bad for you while pregnant?

Answer I would say that anything with high cholesterol, sodium, and grease are bad for you. Try to stay away from fast food (subway might be ok). The healthier you eat, the healthier the baby will be!

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I am a vegetarian, what are some good foods to take with me while camping?

trail mix!!! yum =)pack some standards like peanut butter, granola bars, fruits and veggies (of course), nuts, etc. anything you would normally eat that doesn't need refrigeration. and maybe some... Read More »

What are some foods to eat that feel like I'm cheating but really aren't "that" bad?

Here's the best way to do this, I've found. Stop dieting. Change your lifestyle. Aim for healthy MOST of the time, and don't beat yourself up for having a treat once in a while, or having a bad day... Read More »

What are some foods that seem like they are healthy that really aren't?

Milk. Cheese. Soy(too much of it). Tuna(from a can). Lettuce(non-organic). Dark chocolate. Cereal (with additives). Yoghurt(with additives). Drinks- Red wine. Juice(not freshly made).

What are foods that you put together that some people say "eww" to?