What are some of the difficulties in caring for a mentally challenged person?

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What are some difficulties caring for the mentally disabled?

Stress can be caused by taking care of them, there are physical challenges with having to bathe the disabled; feed them; watch them constantly. All these are difficulties while dealing with mentall... Read More »

Are there any studies that show Auditory difficulties with the mentally challenged children?

Answer Yes.A minor is assumed to retain the same legal rights to her child as does the adult woman.She cannot be forced to obtain an abortion, place the child for adoption or relinquish her rights... Read More »

What to do if a mentally challenged person hit you?

Well, just tell an adult. They should be able to take control without any trouble.

How do you feed a mentally challenged person?

I would say that it depends on the individual, their age, mental health status, their capabilities. I would say there isn't a complete answer to this question as it's too generic. Think about the i... Read More »