What are some of the complications for a pregnant teen?

Answer Answer It's up to the mother no matter what age that they don't smoke, drink or do drugs. Also it's up to the mother to eat correctly (not a lot of junk food) and remember what you put into your b... Read More »

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What are some question you would ask a teen pregnant girl?

How are you today? Would you like me to carry that for you? I'll get that for you? These are some questions you would ask any pregnant woman because any others might cause offense.

What are some pregnancy complications?

Your doctor will order oral glucose tolerance test or fasting blood sugar test.

What are some complications of pregnancy?

You will have big baby that will need a c-section.

What are some common complications of pregnancy?

Every woman is different and every pregnancy is different. You may never experience one of these but then you may have every last one. Most depend on your personal heredity and health.1.hyperemesis... Read More »