What are some of the complications for a pregnant teen?

Answer Answer It's up to the mother no matter what age that they don't smoke, drink or do drugs. Also it's up to the mother to eat correctly (not a lot of junk food) and remember what you put into your b... Read More »

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Is it normal in a teen pregnancy for a weight loss to occur in the first trimester could this be a sign of complications?

Answer Many women lose weight in the first trimester.Nausea, vomiting and general tiredness all conspire to make women eat less in the first three months. As long as the food you do eat is good q... Read More »

Diabetic and pregnant with pre-existing complications?

General Pregnancy and Diabetes Information Before I get started talking about VBAC, I want to provide some basic background information about being diabetic and pregnant. First, if you have diabete... Read More »

Are there complications with pregnancy when you become pregnant after taking the morning after pill?

Unfortunately there is no easy way to answer this for you or to make you feel better but child birth is difficult for everyone but at your age you will have extra obstacles and yes it does and will... Read More »

What are the first things you should do to have a healthy baby with no complications if you are 17 and just found out you are pregnant?

Answer Start taking prenatal vitamins with Folic Acid right away and go see an OB/GYN as soon as you can. Good Luck. Answer First tell your parents.Second set up a doctor appt.Third take vitamins.A... Read More »