How do books get on the best-seller list?

Answer Many new writers dream of having their books on the best-seller list, but how does a writer accomplish this? Newspapers around the globe publish their own best-seller lists, looking at short-term s... Read More »

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What is a best seller on eBay?

eBay gives top sellers a "PowerSeller" or "Top Rated Seller" rating in order to reward good seller performance. To get these ratings, sellers must have a large inventory of items, a positive feedba... Read More »

MJ fans: what are some unbiased, authorised books about MJ I want books that not only talk about his music?

Michael Jackson Treasures talks about his whole life & career & has fan Memorabillia inside

Hey, can anybody say me some books which tell you how to make some gadgets or some electronic stuff?

How about QST magazine?Or back issues of Radio-Electronics and Popular-Electronics.

Best barcode (bar code) scanner for an online seller?

Reader Ware does one if you have access to a Laptop which you can carry with you. It will scan and you upload it to your PC and you have access to that data.Here is one link which I am SRE this is ... Read More »