What are some of the best chilli marinades you have used for a BBQ?

Answer Me and my kids call our marinade 'Georges Marvellous Medicine' after the Roald Dahl book. Basically we take anything we have out of our cupboards and mix it together passing the ingredients around... Read More »

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Do you have the best Chilli con carne recipe?

Yep. I enter the Chili Cook off every year at the Campgrounds we go to and I've won several times and never lower than 5th place. Not bragging, just good chili I guess. :) I will email you the rec... Read More »

Why is Chilli called Chilli, if it's never Chilly?

Kind skipped over your story, not relevant from what I scanned.Answer: Chilli the meal comes from chili pepper.

Ive put too much chilli powder in my chilli. How can i rescue it ?

Has anyone ever used this medication Montair 10 manufactured by Cipla if you do or if you have used it at one time Please Please give me some feed back thanks..?

yes i have used montair. its very effective and cheap to singular....