What are some of the best arguments you've heard against veganism?

Answer I haven't heard many "good" ones, haha. But some I've heard, regardless, are:* Need the nutrients from meat/dairy/eggs.* Meat tastes good.* Vegetarianism/veganism is too hard.* Vegetarian/vegan die... Read More »

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What are some religious arguments against adoption by same-sex couples?

Many religious people believe God designed the family as including a man and a woman for various reasons. The chief among these is the furtherance of the human race in a safe, structured environmen... Read More »

What are the arguments AGAINST vegetarianism?

1. Our bodies are designed as omnivores. Take a look at our dental records and our nutrient requirements.2. Meat is yummy! :)

What are the arguments for and against whether schools should only serve healthy foods?

ONE REASON IS BECAUSE IT CAN SOMETIMES BE GROSSAnswerArguments for:1. lower obesity weight among children2. better ability to concentrate among students due to more vitamins in food3. schools offer... Read More »

Arguments Against Plagiarism?

Plagiarism occurs when you take someone else's work and, without attribution, pass it off as your own. The reasons you should not do this range from the potential consequences that will directly af... Read More »