What are some of the best Brown Ales you've had?

Answer My favourite is 'Newcastle Brown Ale' big fan of Samuel Smith too, from my native Yorkshire.Edit: Newcastle Bron Ale actually tells you when it's ready to drink, the star on the bottle turns blue.

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Can you tell me some stupid mistakes youve done when u first learned how to drive?

dont even worry about it, we can make you feel a lot better. I was really tired one morning after driving all night, and on an unfamiliar road driving about 35 or 40 mph. I shot past this speed lim... Read More »

Best way to evenly brown hashbrowns Every time I make them, they never seam to brown..Sometimes they will get?

Ingredients:1 lb Russet baking potatoes, peeled and grated3 Tbsp olive oilSalt and pepperEquipment needed:Large stick-free frying pan (at least a 9" diameter bottom)Potato ricerHeat 3 tablespoons o... Read More »

Could stomach itches and missed periods with some spotting of red blood and some brown blood be signs of pregnancy?

AnswerStomach itches are usually just that but the bleeding and spotting need to be checked out. Pregnancy, cysts, endometriosis, along with just a fluke could all be possibilities. See a doctor.Al... Read More »

What is some easy natural eye make-up for hazel-brown eyes?

The best color to match up with your eye color is brown and green. If your wearing green eyeshadow you can use some light brown in your crease and just below the eye-brow you can use some white. If... Read More »