What are some of the advantages of using a proxy server?

Answer 1) You Remain annonymous . (i) would not traice where you are from when you are visiting an online dating site etc2) You hide your ip adress3) Has an advantage for hackers.4) can allow you to... Read More »

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Questions about using proxy server at my university?

Read this regarding free proxies…

Do cookies, and caches get stored on your computer if you're using a proxy server?

Yes, the cache and cookies are unique to your computer and are stored locally on your system. The proxy server is just acting as a "gateway" for your Internet access and could potentially "hide" y... Read More »

Explain how a VOIP call is set-up and carried over an IP network using the SIP protocol and a SIP proxy server?

My pleasure, but refresh this page because I'll be editing my answer (it'll be long).1. The SIP client, much like it's name, transmits packets on the SIP protocol, on a specified port. An IP router... Read More »

What Are Some Advantages of Using Questions in the Classroom?

Oftentimes, students show up in class expecting to sit back and listen to a teacher do all the talking. They find it difficult to believe that their own ideas matter or that they have anything to g... Read More »