What are some of the adopt a monkey adoption codes?

Answer Format 1XX 06 XX52 xx:xx MC

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What can you do if your parents adopt you without adoption papers?

Answer In many cases when adoption papers haven't been signed this is a good indication that either someone in the family was pregnant with you and for reasons of their own could't look after you, ... Read More »

What are some of the best weird foods you can recommend i.e. Octopus, Monkey Brains?

Octopus is great if you hang it in the sun for a few days to dry (after you've softened the meat either by throwing it repeatedly on the counter or putting it through the spin cycle of your washing... Read More »

How do you adopt a foopet in the adoption center?

you have to become a club foo member( I don't recommend it because you have to pay a lot so its so unfair to people that cant.) you have to pay $25.00 for 6 months and $40.00 for a year. You can al... Read More »

Can you adopt your child back after you gave her up for adoption?

You can only apply for that if they give up their parental rights and she is up for adoption.