What are some odd foods in other countries we would say gross to?

Answer There are all sorts of things people think are gross just because they are "foreign" to them...Blood puddingTripeSquidOctopusSushiSeafood in generalDuckDeerNutriaMenudoHaggisPorkMeatCamel's MilkGoa... Read More »

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I can't eat some foods without it looking gross?

It is the mind that triggers thouse thought into your mind, and possibly childishness if you continue to imagine those thing.There is no way a normal mind would compare raw meat to rat poop.If you ... Read More »

Is it illegal to fight for other countries at war this is about private citizens of one country getting involved for no fee to assist the fighting efforts of other countries at a state of civil war?

What are some other fermented foods besides pickles and kim chi?

fermented is not same as pickled , sauerkraut is the one that comes to mind. unless you include wines,ciders and beers or sour dough

Do other countries have American restaurants like the US would have other nation's cuisine?

yes .they call them kfc,macdonalds,burgerking