What are some odd foods in other countries we would say gross to?

Answer There are all sorts of things people think are gross just because they are "foreign" to them...Blood puddingTripeSquidOctopusSushiSeafood in generalDuckDeerNutriaMenudoHaggisPorkMeatCamel's MilkGoa... Read More »

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I can't eat some foods without it looking gross?

It is the mind that triggers thouse thought into your mind, and possibly childishness if you continue to imagine those thing.There is no way a normal mind would compare raw meat to rat poop.If you ... Read More »

Foods of Spanish Speaking Countries?

Spanish is the primary spoken language in more than 21 countries. Despite a common language, each country has its own distinct cuisine that incorporates both local and adopted ingredients. Many foo... Read More »

What is the difference between gross sales and gross receipts as far as an audit is concerned?

GROSS RECEIPTS is the total amount received prior to the deduction of any allowances, discounts, credits, etc.GROSS REVENUE is income (at invoice values) received for goods and services over some g... Read More »

Difference Between Gross Revenue & Gross Profits?

A company's management usually studies revenue cycle data to better understand where the business is heading from a competitive perspective. Senior leaders closely watch such data as gross revenue ... Read More »