What are some nice, simple fonts similar in style to Arial and Century Gothic?

Answer Arial------- • Avant Garde Medium BT • Eurostile • Geometric 212 Book BT • Gothic 720 & 725 BT • Microsoft Sans Serif • Swiss 721 BT • Trebuchet MSCentury Gothic--------... Read More »

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What are some nice and simple recipes using bananas?

banana toasted sandwich! yummmmmy! might go and make myself one!!!

What kind of gothic style am I?

i don't really like labels, but since you asked.. in my oh so humble opinion, i'd go with trad (traditional goth) with is quite similar to punk, or fetish goth.

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What did you just say? I have no remote idea what you just said. Rephrase this question.

How to Get the Gothic/Emo Mermaid Style for Everyday and School?

Are you a teen that has that interest in mermaids and deep blue sea culture, and also has a gothy preference for fashion? Or maybe you have no idea what style to choose from and want to try the mer... Read More »