What are some nice chutney flavors to make?

Answer Pear chutney is fruity and if you put cayenne pepper in has a good kick as well.Apple and sage jelly is good especially with pork. Crab apples make a good jelly as well.Pickled onions or shallots n... Read More »

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How to Make Imli Ki Chutney (Tamarind Chutney)?

This imli ki chutney form a great dip for samosa and is also an integral part of many chat items (A variety of savoury snacks)

What are some nice, natural brands of make up for my eight year old daughter to wear?

Well , since you are 'the bestest mommy in the world' ' nothing could be bestest for your eight-year-old than some makeup recommendations. We went out to the streets to interview the most popular... Read More »

What are some popular ice cream flavors in the UK?

I live in the uk so I'll tell you that the most common / tastiest ice cream flavours are-Vanilla-Chocolate-Strawberry-Raspberry Ripple-Mint & Chocolate Or If You Want To Go All Out Try Making Neopo... Read More »

What are some really good Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavors?

Chocolate chip cookie doughNew York super chunk