What are some negative effects of birth control?

Answer Birth control is a wonderful medication that has many benefits. It helps prevent unwanted pregnancy, helps regulate periods and can help with diseases such as endometriosis. However, like any medic... Read More »

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Can birth control cause a pregnancy test to be negative Or Wrong?

No. Birth control will not mess with a pregnancy test. Some fertility drugs will create a false positive, but no birth control will.

Can being on birth control give negative pregnancy tests?

On One Hand: Home Pregnancy Test Can be FalseOccasionally, home pregnancy tests will provide a false negative, which is usually because the test was taken too early. There are also a few medication... Read More »

Can continuous birth control give a false negative pregnancy test?

On One Hand: Home Pregnancy Tests are not Always RightBecause pregnancy tests work by measuring the levels of the hormone hCG in urine, medications containing that hormone can create false positive... Read More »

Can taking birth control make pregnancy tests read negative if you really are pregnant?

Birth control will not affect the result of a pregnancy test.