What are some natural ways to get rid of a horrible toothache?

Answer yesa natural dentist

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they might be impacted (growing wrong).Have your dentist make an x-ray for you. Its painless an quick. If its okay, he will give you painkillers. If it's not, he will extract them, thus relieving y... Read More »


They sell things at the pharmacy that relive toothaches like gels and stuff you apply on.Just wait and see what the dentist said. You also need to start brushing and flossing more often!!!

Please Help!! horrible toothache followed by burning chest. shooting pain up to head!!!?

Go to the dental college in your area they do excellent work and they give a huge discount. You have to address the toothache it will only get worse

What are good ways to get rid of toothache pain?

amy had some good advice.. dont rub the tylenol on your gums and tooth (that does not work)... see if anyone you know can sell you a few pain pills till you can get to the dentist..