What are some natural remedies that can help with a cough?

Answer Honey mixed with something warm like hot tea is soothing, but in my experience doesn't make your cough that much better. I'm a singer and sometimes after a lot of practice my throat and voice get ... Read More »

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♥ What are some foods/beverages to avoid if one has an ulcer, and any natural remedies to help?

Please read this article, being a Homeopathic Physician I have treated and cured a number of patients according to their individual specific symptoms. Read this first and let me know. http://www.hp... Read More »

What are some natural remedies that you use to treat sore throats?

One of the oldest remedies is salt in luke warm certainly works for me.

What are some safe natural meds for cough during pregnancy?

I think you mean Cytotec. It's a medicine for men who has ulcers and a side effect was found to be miscarriage.

I need help with natural constipation remedies?

Smooth Move Tea by traditional Medicinals Also cut down on your dairy intake.