What are some natural products to relieve a dog's dry itchy skin?

Answer If you notice that your dog is scratching constantly, there are many different natural products that can be used to relieve this itch. Itchy and dry skin can cause your dog to become more irritable... Read More »

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Natural Products for Thyroid Problems in Dogs?

Thyroid problems in dogs can cause many different problems such as dull coat, dry skin, constipation and lethargy. According to the Dog Health Handbook, canine thyroid problems usually refer to hyp... Read More »

How do I help relieve tooth ache Any natural remedies?

Products for Dogs in Heat?

Female dogs begin their first reproductive cycles between the ages of 4 months and 18 months. The maturation age varies depending on the breed. The symptoms associated with dogs in heat are often d... Read More »

How to Use Natural Products for Lip Wrinkles?

Some of the best natural products for lip wrinkles are papaya, egg whites and coconut oil. High in vitamins C and E, papaya can help lessen the signs of aging, as well as reduce already existing wr... Read More »