What are some natural products to relieve a dog's dry itchy skin?

Answer If you notice that your dog is scratching constantly, there are many different natural products that can be used to relieve this itch. Itchy and dry skin can cause your dog to become more irritable... Read More »

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Natural Products for Thyroid Problems in Dogs?

Thyroid problems in dogs can cause many different problems such as dull coat, dry skin, constipation and lethargy. According to the Dog Health Handbook, canine thyroid problems usually refer to hyp... Read More »

What Are Some Natural Products That Can Restore the Correct PH to the Skin?

If you suffer from dry skin, eczema or other skin ailments, you may want to look at the type of soaps and lotions you use. Many products can disrupt the natural pH of your skin, causing symptoms of... Read More »

What are some ways to relieve gas for a baby?

Answer Pump the legs, like it's riding a bicycle, burp it really well after it eats, warm baths. Or try Ovol, works great! Way better then gripe water. Answer: If you are nursing, cut back on your... Read More »

What are some ways to relieve menstural cramps?