â™¥ What are some foods/beverages to avoid if one has an ulcer, and any natural remedies to help?

Answer Please read this article, being a Homeopathic Physician I have treated and cured a number of patients according to their individual specific symptoms. Read this first and let me know. http://www.hp... Read More »

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What are some ...natural .....foods, substances, herbs...that help lower blood pressure?

garlic, cinnamon, vegan diet, oregano.....but the best thing is a water only fast. But that is something you probably want to do lots of research on beforehand. If you are serious about it though... Read More »

What foods trigger fat burning hormones in your body?

Answer There are indeed safe and natural tactics that we can all freely use to manipulate fat burning hormones for weight loss. In relation to fat burning hormones and how to successfully lose body... Read More »

How to Diet Without the Myth of Fat Burning Foods?

Sadly enough, fat burning foods are a fad. Yes, some foods have been shown to help people lose fat, but it is typically because the food is either low in calories or satisfies their appetite.If you... Read More »

How to Incorporate Fat Burning Foods Into Your Diet?

Whether you want to lose weight or improve your health, integrating fat-burning foods into your diet can give you a jump start on achieving your goals. Although no particular food has been proven t... Read More »