What are some natural alternatives to meds for social anxiety?

Answer EFT works very well i use it myself for those kind of things i use to deal with the same exact thing so your not alone in this. But their are some other things you can do to, such as having a good... Read More »

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What is the Best Herb/Meds for Anxiety?

Depends on the person. For instance if you are deficient in B12 or vitamin D anxiety could be a symptom and supplementing would make a difference. Same goes for magnesium and B6.http://www.bestheal... Read More »

Over the counter meds./ vitamins, etc for muscle relaxation / anxiety relief?

Yoga is good for anxiety, stress, worry and depression and can help you to relax.St John's Wort and Valerian are supposed to help as well as other means discussed in the third link below.Unfortunat... Read More »

Any Alternatives for Propranolol(beta-blocker) Medication due to Anxiety?

Meditation and therapy can do wonders if you really are open to them, and try to be involved with them. Meditation can be hard, but it just takes practice. Spend 10-20 minutes right when you wake... Read More »

Hi. What is the best natural way (no meds) to stop smoking?

I'm 50 and I've been smoking for over 30 yrs now. Quit once for 54 days (long story).The only way to quit smoking is Cold Turkey. Everything is in your head. Once you decide to quit just do it. Kee... Read More »