Mouth Care for Tongue Piercings?

Answer Tongue piercings, because of their location, need to be cared for carefully and vigilantly. It is important to practice good oral hygiene and watch for signs of infection when you have a pierced to... Read More »

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Tongue Piercings & Infection?

Body piercing is common among adolescents, and there are many different places people can be pierced. While the ears are a common location for piercings, other places include the nose, lip and tong... Read More »

About Tongue Piercings?

Tongue piercings have become increasingly popular in recent decades, though still considered taboo in the workplace and other conservative environments. A tongue piercing is acceptable for either g... Read More »

If my first ear piercings are uneven, does that mean I can't get double piercings ?

no you can get them, if you take the earings out of the uneven holes for a while they will heal over and close so it shouldnt be a problem (:

Can Tongue Piercings Give You Bad Teeth?

A tongue ring is a piece of jewelry that is pierced through the tongue, and must be worn there constantly. Because it is a hard piece of jewelry that is kept in the mouth, there are some health ris... Read More »