What are some mints that grow?

Answer There are so many types, the most popular and most often listed as belonging to the Mentha family being being Spearmint and Peppermint. You may find it simpler if you did a search for a Mentha Plan... Read More »

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What is in Spi-C-Mints Starlight Mints candy?

Spi-C-Mints Starlight mints are made with cinnamon to give them a spicy taste. Spi-C-Mints are round with a peppermint swirl and a pink center made with the cinnamon flavor. The candy is manufactu... Read More »

What are some plants that grow flowers?

Be more specific, that's a long list, but I'll start it and others may add to it:rosestulipsbutterfly bushpetuniasdaisies azaleasvioletsrhododendronSweet Williams dogwood treesVinca vinehoneysuckle

What are some plants that you can grow from clippings?

Easily grown plants from cuttings would include English ivy, goldfish plants, wandering jew, pothos, crown of thorns, swedish ivy, prayer plant, brugmansia.Most anything viney is really easy to gro... Read More »

What are the names of some plants that grow in the dark?

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