What are some methods to locate a long-lost adoptive father who lost custody of a child who is now an adult?

Answer try here

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Is it possible in New Jersey to get custody back if you lost your child to child services and is now adopted?

Is a dirty home grounds for child custody to be lost?

Unfortunately, no. However, it is a piece of evidence that can be used. see links below

If a father had custody of a child for 7 years mother took the child and was awarded custody father is now issued a warrent and back pay is that legal?

Answer Yes.Physical custody does not constitute sole legal custody, in which one parent has been given the legal authority to make all decisions concerning a minor child, including change of resid... Read More »

What are some good methods or websites that can be used to find a long lost friend overseas on the internet?

You can try yellow pages or the operator but I don't know of any websites that would help .