What are some methods to induce abortions?

Answer There are 2 safe and legal ways to induce abortions and that is a medical way done with pills up to the 9th week and a surgical way. Both you need to go to a doctor for.

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What won't some doctors induce labor?

A water birth is a natural birth in a pool.

What are some methods of contraception?

Condom, The pill, The diaphragm, The Coil / IUD - explanation of how IUD's work is given below: (And it appears to be debatable as to if the Coil/IUD's are actually "Contraceptice" devices or an ab... Read More »

What are some unconventional methods of first aid?

You don't cauterize a wound with fire, you do it by heat. Big difference there bud. Most unconventional, yet best advice I ever heard is to use a tampon to control bleeding.

What are some methods for propagating plants?

Seed,cuttings,layering,splitting, grafting and air layering.