What are some methods for propagating plants?

Answer Seed,cuttings,layering,splitting, grafting and air layering.

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The Disadvantages of Propagating Plants?

The process of starting a new plant is called propagation, and a gardener can either start a new plant from a seed or a piece of a living plant called a cutting. Propagating plants can be challengi... Read More »

Four Common Methods Plants Use to Disperse Their Seed?

When Leo Aiken said, "A good gardener always plants 3 seeds---one for the bugs, one for the weather and one for himself," he probably spoke from experience. However, sometimes flowers appear where ... Read More »

Why are my propagating cuttings dying?

The soil needs to be kept evenly moist, not soggy, at all times. This generally means daily watering. Cuttings should not have leaves on them. The stem puts all of the energy into maintaining th... Read More »

Method of Propagating Begonias?

Begonias are flowering perennials that come in a variety of colors. The several forms of begonia differ in reproductive and rooting practices. Begonias can be started from seed, but the plants yiel... Read More »