What are some actions and how do I do them?

Answer There's rofl, dance, lol, ommm, xxx, hello, kyle, wtf, zzzz, *rap* (with the asterisk), :(, :), omg, *spin*, *Vogue*, yay, *rockout*, shutup . To do the actions, just stand somewhere and type in th... Read More »

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What actions of some Australians might disappoint you?

Those who are so darn self centred that they think the friggin world revolves around them ...grrrrrrrrr !

What actions of some Australians might inspire you?

Most everything Dick Smith does inspires me.Fred Hollowes was another who cared more for his fellow Australians than he did for himself.

Find date on different Sheet in excel and perform some actions?

As long as the dates in column A are really in the MS-Excel Date data type (and not plain Text), then the DATE() function may be used to obtain the current computer date and compare against a cell ... Read More »

How come some lcd screens have a kind of gloss finish to them, and some dont?

Until maybe 10 years ago all LCD screens had a non-glossy matte finish. But then they started offering some with a glossy finish, especially on laptops that were intended to show lots of movies (be... Read More »