If your period came on time but you are having signs of pregnancy how long should you wait to take a home pregnancy test?

Answer If you have your period, you shouldn't be pregnant. However, the pregnancy signs that you may be having could be signs of another problem. Or if you want to be pregnant, this can alter your way of ... Read More »

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What are the most frequent signs of early pregnancy and how can you tell if you are just getting ready to start your period or if you're actually in your first week of pregnancy?

Answer most frequent signs of pregnancy are breasts sore or swollen, feeling nauseas, passing urine often, and if you are late for your period. it would be hard to know in the first week of pregnan... Read More »

What condition could cause you to have pregnancy feelings of life growing inside with no pain just flutters and sensations with other pregnancy signs but negative tests?

Answer I find that happens to me when I am gasy, but really wanting to be pregnant. Answer I found something on google when I put movement in upper abdomen it was called gastro...something it has a... Read More »

What are the three major signs of a stroke?

Stroke is the third largest killer in the United States. It is only surpassed by heart attacks and cancer. The statistics may be staggering, but you can decrease the risk of suffering a debilitatin... Read More »

Are major stomach pains off and on a sign of pregnancy?

%REPLIES%%FOLLOWUPS% Answer Mild stomach cramps can be a sign of pregnancy, but I've never hear of major pains being a sign. Answer I don't think so. If she bled for 2 weeks straight AFTER you l... Read More »