What are some lucky or holy plants and herbs?

Answer There are dozens, each culture, country and spiritual path have their own. Here are just a few: Acorn is lucky (influence fertility) when carried as a talisman. Basil is grown in pots to attract... Read More »

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Can I cut my lucky bamboo plants?

A lucky bamboo plant may be cut back to promote growth. Always be sure to cut back the new growth about 2 inches from the main stalk and only cut under cold water.Source:Lucky Bamboo Shop: FAQ

How do I care for lucky plants?

Light and TemperaturePlace the lucky shamrock plant in a bright, sunny window. Even in winter, lucky plants will bloom if given direct sun. Lucky plants prefer cool temperatures between 50 and 65 d... Read More »

How to Repot Lucky Bamboo Plants?

Lucky Bamboo plants are a member of the lily family, not the bamboo family from which it borrows its name. This hardy plant is considered to symbolize good fortune in Eastern Feng Shui. Repotting L... Read More »

Psychoactive Herbs & Plants?

Psychoactive, also called psychotropic, substances are classified as drugs that affect the central nervous system. The severity of the effects will vary depending on the specific plant or herb, and... Read More »