What are some legal ways to hallucinate?

Answer Stay awake for four or five days in a row with absolutely no sleep.

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What are some easy ways for college kids to make some money?

Get a second job (you could deliver newspapers, pass out flyers, work study at the school)Spend Friday and Saturday nights babysitting (as a parent I can tell you that babysitters aren't cheap any... Read More »

What are some cool ways to paint your room I need some crazy ideas please!!?

We can just straight our imaginations on this oneYou can paint a the top coat, and while the paint is still wet, drag the comb through the paint or use a two coat method and paint the base one colo... Read More »

What are legal ways to get a tax free income?

There are two ways of getting a tax-free income: earn your income in ways which are nontaxable under U.S. federal law, or invest your income using accounts that allow you to defer or avoid the tax... Read More »

What are some fun ways to get a UTI?

Bungle in the Jungle? Outdoor play is so much -- OUCH! Stupid ants.Food fun? Hey...where did the rest of the banana go?