Why are kegal exercises uncomfortable?

Answer Colostrum extraction has no bearing on the ability to breastfeed, Generally as long as you are able to get a good clean latch, and the baby is extracting milk properly, then you should have no pro... Read More »

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Can you pull a muscle from doing too many kegal exercises?

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What are some leg exercises for pregnancy?

During pregnancy, your physician may recommend adding some light leg exercises into your daily routine. These leg exercises for pregnant women not only improve circulation, but also reduce cramps a... Read More »

What are some good ab exercises?

I'd say standard crunches, planks, and press ups where your legs are in the bungee hoop things as that needs the core strength to keep your body flat as well as working different parts of your arms... Read More »

What are some exercises for arthritis in the hands?

You can try a stress ball to exercise your fingers. It is good to always keep your fingers nimble to avoid stiffness. You can try to visit a chiropractor for more finger exercises, I have read some... Read More »