What are some jobs that will help pay college tuition?

Answer I don't know about 'jobs'...any job will help you pay for college.I think what you are asking is about tuition reimbursement.Some companies offer this to employees: FedEx, UPS, Home Depot, to name... Read More »

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I owe a college $8000 in tuition, but I'm not attending that school anymore. Will this effect my income tax?

Are there any programs like ROTC that will pay for all or part of college tuition on the condition of service in a police department?

The answer is NO, though more details are needed. First and foremost are you a member of the Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP)? Contracting with ROTC is where you assume the obligation which ... Read More »

What are some forces that will result in a groth or decline in the number of jobs avalible for the secret service?

Rawhide was the 'not so secret' code name for Ronald Ragan.Here is a list; including the current presidents code name, which you might find useful: Renegade: Barack Obama, President-elect Renaissan... Read More »

My fafsa score was 2025. what does that mean my tuition is $28,000. how much of that will i need to pay?

Your Pell grant (free money) will be around 2,681.00 next year. (Half in the fall 08 and half in the spring 09) if you attend full time and meet about a million other requirements (no bachelors de... Read More »